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Glide for Pride - Frit Tam and Frankie Dewar

October 28, 2021 Nicki Bass Season 4 Episode 6
The Everyday Adventure Podcast
Glide for Pride - Frit Tam and Frankie Dewar
Show Notes

Frit Tam is an award winning adventure filmmaker and founder of Passionfruit Pictures and between May and July 2021, he travelled 1000 miles across England by rollerblade and bicycle.  The aim of the journey was to experience and showcase LGBTQIA+ stories and narratives through interviews and visits to historical places of significance for the community.  Frit was accompanied throughout the journey by his partner, Frankie Dewar (some of you may remember Frankie from S1 Ep23 when I spoke to her about her 3000km cycle around the UK!). Frankie was responsible for much of the filming on the trip as well providing much needed logistical and emotional support for Frit as he set out on this endeavour.  

Frit and Frankie have recently launched a Crowdfunder with the aim of financing the film which aims to be the first adventure film with a transgender, East Asian protagonist showcasing the wealth of LGBTQIA+ stories that England has to offer.

In this conversation, Frit and Frankie share their experience of the journey as both protagonist and support crew. They talk candidly about the  challenges they both faced along the way as well as the unexpected benefits that arose from hearing and sharing these stories. This is a raw and personal conversation about the realities of taking on a large adventure, the importance of supportive relationships and allyship and how it is in confronting our real emotions that we find the strength and the courage to shape the direction of our lives. 

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