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Finding Balance in Adventure - Megan Hine

February 14, 2023 Nicki Bass Season 6 Episode 2
The Everyday Adventure Podcast
Finding Balance in Adventure - Megan Hine
Show Notes

Megan Hine is a survival consultant, expedition leader, producer and author. She has gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise through countless expeditions, consulting for TV survival and adventure shows and working and living with indigenous communities. As one of the few high profile women working in the industry, she has carved a reputation not only for her commitment and attention to detail, but also for her reflective approach and psychological insight, as seen in her 2017 book "Mind of a Survivor".

In this episode, Megan shares what drives her in her work,  reflects on why adrenaline and adventure are not always the closest of friends and highlights the benefits of the connection and community that adventures can brings. This is a honest and reflective conversation with one of the world's leading survival experts, who generously shares many lessons from her own experience that can be applied just as readily to our everyday lives.

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