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Celebrating Diversity through Adventure - Pammy Johal

July 08, 2022 Nicki Bass Season 5 Episode 10
The Everyday Adventure Podcast
Celebrating Diversity through Adventure - Pammy Johal
Show Notes

Pammy Johal is the founder of Backbone CIC which she set up to celebrate diversity through adventure connecting underrepresented groups with nature and the outdoors. Through their work, Backbone provides opportunities for Black, Asian and minority ethnic and marginalised communities to form relationships with the outdoor and environmental sectors.

Born in the 60’s in inner city Coventry to a Sikh immigrant family, Pammy was introduced to the mountains at the age of 16 when a school trip changed her life. Pammy has been an outdoor/environmental practioner since 1979 and in 1995 it struck her hard as she noticed the lack of Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic role models in the sector, at every level, from service users to Board level and felt very strongly this had to change. This laid the foundations for the pioneering work she has driven forward over the last 25 years.

This is a raw and open conversation about the challenges Pammy has faced in her quest to open up opportunities in the outdoors for under represented communities, her frustration at the lack of progress  and the hope she has for the future as a new generation of diverse and passionate outdoor practitioners help to change the narrative and push the boundaries even further.

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