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Community, Connection and Making Waves - Sam Bleakley

April 29, 2022 Nicki Bass Season 5 Episode 7
The Everyday Adventure Podcast
Community, Connection and Making Waves - Sam Bleakley
Show Notes

Sam Bleakley is a writer, academic, presenter, filmmaker, producer and multiple European Longboard Champion. First learning to surf in the early 1980s, Sam has successfully navigated a multifaceted career, combining his interest in the intersection between geography, community and culture with his passion for surfing and emerging surf communities around the globe. He has produced the Surfing Brilliant Corners documentary series for the World Surf League and is the author of several books including Mindful Thoughts for Surfers (2020) , Mindfulness and Surfing (2016) and The Longboard Travel Guide (2015)

In this wide-ranging conversation, Sam shares what has motivated him to explore surfing and surf culture through a broader, more inclusive lens, his work with emerging surf communities and how surfing can act as a catalyst for broader societal change. He highlights the importance of creativity and connection in diversifying the narrative around surf culture and how adventure is as much a psychological as a physical endeavour. 

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Brilliant Corners:

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Surfing Brilliant Corners (2015)

Surfing Tropical Beats (2012)


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