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Re-writing the Story & Making History - Preet Chandi

April 21, 2022 Nicki Bass Season 5 Episode 6
The Everyday Adventure Podcast
Re-writing the Story & Making History - Preet Chandi
Show Notes

In January 2022, Preet Chandi made history becoming the first woman of colour to complete a solo expedition in Antartica. Covering a distance of 700 miles, she took just 40 days to reach the South Pole.

I first spoke to Preet back in January of 2020 when she had just returned from a self-funded training expedition to Greenland. At that point she was relatively unknown, had no sponsorship and was trying to convince the polar gatekeepers that she really did have what it takes to complete an Antarctic expedition, despite her lack of experience. Fast forward a year and she has proved to everyone that she was absolutely right. She returned from her expedition to a whirlwind of publicity and has spent the time since returning speaking to school children, inspiring them with her mantra that "Nothing is Impossible" and showing them how far courage, self-belief and determination really can take you.

This is a wide ranging and honest conversation, covering the build up to the expedition, the barriers that Preet has had to face and overcome and what motivated her to continue when thing got tough. Preet is warm, engaging and unflinchingly honest in her account of what it takes to achieve your dreams and how inspiration is usually much closer to home than we think.

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