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Surviving and Thriving in Wild Spaces - Moose Mutlow

March 25, 2022 Nicki Bass Season 5 Episode 4
The Everyday Adventure Podcast
Surviving and Thriving in Wild Spaces - Moose Mutlow
Show Notes

Moose has over 30 years of traditional and alternative education experience around the globe. His experiences include course directing 58-day Outward Bound instructor trainings in Appalachia, working as a deputy headmaster in the Kalahari Desert and juggling as a street performer in too many cities to mention. He has more than 2000 days of field instruction in a wilderness setting and has recently returned from teaching a canoe program for Veterans on the Gulf of Mexico.

Since 2002 Moose has been a member and senior trainer of Yosemite Search and Rescue, working as a technician and within Incident Command, at one of the busiest SAR operations in the world. He currently works for NatureBridge in Yosemite National Park as the Senior Projects Director for planning, design and construction of the National Environmental Science Center.  Moose also has been the Lead Trainer for Family Liaison Officers for the National Park Service.

In this episode, Moose shares the inspiration behind his unique career path and the many experiences and benefits it has brought him along the way. We discuss his work as a Family Liaison Officer and the general life insights this has brought and the challenges around accessibility to outdoor spaces and what can be done to remove these barriers.

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